Mediation: Opening Statements


You have forwarded your mediation summary to the mediator. You have prepared your client for mediation. Everyone is at the mediation and the mediator has gone over the rules governing mediation. What’s next? Opening statements. Too often, litigators use opening statements to convince the other side that they have no case. They highlight the strengths [...]

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Empathy at Mediation


Saw the following on a t-shirt, “People who think they know everything are really annoying to those of us who do.”  This meme, obviously meant to be funny, has strategic relevance for mediation.  Very often at mediation, one party or the other is so  convinced of their position that they cannot or will not hear [...]

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Happy Memorial Day


Everyone at Gibbons | Neuman wishes you and your family a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.   “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

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Attorney Elizabeth Allen at the Health Fair


  The firm's elder law and estate planning attorney, Elizabeth P. Allen, attended the Health Fair at Unisen Senior Living in Tampa on May 6th. It was a well attended, informative and fun event.  Representatives from many businesses that assist seniors and their families were there.  Ms. Allen provided attendees with information concerning her estate [...]

Attorney Elizabeth Allen at the Health Fair2022-05-06T14:03:12-04:00

Mediation: Splitting the Split


In most mediations, the real issue is dollars and cents. During the mediation process, offers will be exchanged, often with a statement of one party’s legal position as a justification for why the other party should accept the offer. As the day goes on, the numbers get closer and the parties generally become weary of [...]

Mediation: Splitting the Split2022-03-31T16:54:26-04:00

Attorney Spotlight – Rod B. Neuman


Rod Neuman has been with Gibbons | Neuman for 32 years and is currently the firm’s President.  His  practice focuses primarily on commercial and real property litigation. Over the last 10 years, Rod has developed a substantial mediation practice in which he assists individuals and companies in getting their disputes resolved saving them the time and aggravation of going through a protracted [...]

Attorney Spotlight – Rod B. Neuman2022-01-20T08:59:14-05:00
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